Explore Beyond Death
Where there is no birth ,death, aging and disease.  You are in  a right time.
Welcome to the enlightened ones!
This site was created in purpose of giving, worlds the most valuable message to mankind. It is contained descriptions with our familiar knowledge on a philosophy beyond birth and death. There is no any other way to get an idea of this philosophy other than seeing it one’s own self beyond sensors. There is such a brilliant example which will make it clear , why you should be the greatest explorer other than reader or listener.
E.g.: Enlightened ones will point there index finger towards a vision. Here all descriptions regarding exploration are equal to “ index finger” in the example. To see the philosophy one must see the vision which is directed by index finger. One may get easily mislead by taking the index finger itself as the philosophy.
However this site doesn't take any responsibility to such misleadings and psychological damages, it is one’s own responsibility to see the philosophy beyond sensors.No one’s guide here, hence no teachers but discussed about  an exploration beyond death  with out teachers and you are on your own with the greatest exploring ability. Good luck!