Buddha Vission

The Buddhist monks and other lay people teach ‘Buddha’s vision’ all over
world. But the truth is Buddha did not teach any kind of theory and he never
said anything to do or not to do. What Buddha says is, “come and see”. Here is
the further explanation of what is the Buddha’s vision:
* Buddha’s vision is not based on any kind of Knowledge;
* Buddha’s vision is beyond the Knowledge, but not the upper level of
* Buddha’s vision is not relative: thus is neither Science nor Philosophy as,
Science and Philosophy are always relative;
* Buddha’s vision is not a religion;
* Buddha’s vision cannot teach or write, but you can see yourselves;
* Buddha’s vision has no duality, up or down, good or bad etc.;
* Buddha’s vision means get rid of our minds, but not purifying our minds;
* Buddha’s vision is beyond the time, birth and death;
* Buddha’s vision has no adherence to any kinds of rites and rituals;
* Buddha did not attain the peak of wisdom, but he gave up the wisdom;
Dr.Tissa Senanayake

Do we need the truth

Well not everyone need the truth.Even suffering pain or loss doesn’t create a true explorer for the truth.some times we need truth to tell others so we learn from external knowledge and start telling to others.Does it really the truth.Then what does make you start exploring truth seriously in your  mind and your body?Key factor is called Dhamma.There can be many definitions for it non of it may not valid here.It can’t be created by learning  and it can’t be explained until you really  experience it.I can give you an eg: which might give you an idea.One might live as a butcher.Once he  understand that the animal he killed are also lives. what he has done is really shouldn’t be happened.In this mind situation Dhamma has already created in his mind due to that he found he was guilty .this will start a huge fire in his mind.This fire you can’t create by knowledge.This is not the day today life working heat or pressure.It comes from inside by itself.Then onc will  start internally  to search an end to fire and this is the start of truly searching truth.